1000lb. Tote
Designed for repeated usage, it's not uncommon for this tote to last 4-5 years. In addition, its generous 5" overlapping top and bottom flaps offer extra protection to your product when totes are stacked. The 1000# tote is designed to fit a 48 x 40 standard pallet. Plain, no print.
46-5/8 x 38-5/8 x 30
450 BC D/W Outer
450 BC D/W Laminated Liner
30 per pallet

1000 lb. One-Way Tote
Designed for one time use, it's not unusual to get multiple uses from these when handled carefully. Plain, no print.
46-5/8 x 38-5/8 x 30
270 BC D/W Outer
270 BC D/W Laminated Liner
30 per pallet

1800 lb. Tote
Designed for large halibut or when 1000# just isn't enough. Plain, no print.
69-1/4 x 44-7/8 x 30
515 BC D/W Outer
515 BC D/W Laminated Liner
30 per pallet

1000 lb. Fresh Waxed Tote
Our waxed double-wall tote will hold approximately 1000 lbs. of fresh fish and ice. Constructed of 450# double-wall material with two strands of sesame tape and completely waxed, this large shipping container will handle the rigors of transporting bulk quantities of fresh seafood, economically, and it conforms to HACCP.
46-5/8 x 38-5/8 x 26
450 BC D/W
50 per pallet

We also design and manufacture many styles of custom-size waxed corrugated boxes for any application requiring fully waxed corrugated boxes or wax-coated containers. Our waxed boxes are strong, durable shippers for use in wet or damp conditions and are perfect for transporting fresh perishables requiring temperature stability. Most often used with flake, gel or dry ice, a custom designed box and be printed with your logo or any print you desire. Available in white or kraft.

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