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We are pleased to provide this website to our customers to help simplify your task in selecting the right package for your valuable products. The right packaging is essential to quality transportation, storage, and presentation of the products you produce. The products in this catalog are designed, refined and tested to stand up to the rigors of overseas shipping and multiple handlings.

LeDuc Packaging provides superior products and related services to the seafood industry. Since 1962, our goal has been simple: to give our customers the best possible package for their money.

Our experienced staff can help create, design, and engineer packaging for all facets of the seafood industry. From primary processing to point-of-purchase displays and sophisticated retail units, our expertise will help market your products and create sales opportunities that get results. Our commitments and dedication have been forged by long term relationships with our suppliers to provide you with consistent packaging that works!

This site is intended to guide you towards packaging solutions that fit your needs. We do custom work so if you require something that is not listed let us know what you require and we will work to provide you with the product you require.

Serving the North Pacific Seafood Industry for Over 30 Years

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