Corrugated Export Shippers

Two-Piece Export Boxes

50 lb. Export Box (24-H)
Our 24-H is a 2 piece HSC with 3 " overlapping top and bottom flaps. Sturdy 200# C flute top and 225# C flute bottom are bolstered by 33# medium to optimize performance during shipping. Stocked in kraft with generic printing the 24-H is ready when you need it.
28 " x 13 " x 8"
360 per pallet

100 lb. Export Box (100-H)
The 100-H, the big brother to the 24-H, is specifically designed for the rigors of international shipping. Constructed of 270# double-wall with moisture-resistant adhesive, this two piece fully telescoping carton has 6" overlapping top and bottom flaps. Stock print on kraft.
35 x 15 x 11
140 per pallet

200lb. Export Box (200-H)
A 2-piece HSC with 7" overlapping flaps top and bottom, constructed of heavy 430# DW. Generic print. This box is used primarily for large King Salmon and Halibut.
43 x 20 x 14
130 per pallet

One Piece Export Box
50lb Autobottom (25-H)
This pre-glued bottom RSC with 2" overlapping flaps is perfect for packing in cramped quarters. Its construction, 290# C flute with Georgia-Pacific's dynamic 38 SM1 medium and water resistant adhesive will ensure that the 25-H stands up to whatever you can dish out. Stock print, one-piece construction, kraft.
28 x 13 x 8
210 per pallet

We also have a full line of stock, plain corrugated boxes in hundreds of different sizes, available for immediate delivery. Stocked in white or kraft.

Crab Section Boxes
20 lb. Crab Section Box (20-H)
The 20-H is a fully telescoping design style tray. The top is stock printed on white 200# C flute board. The bottom is 200# kraft. The box may be set up using staples, glue, or can easily be formed using automatic case-forming equipment. Poly liners for the 20-H are available and in stock.
23-1/2 x 13-1/2 x 7
500 per pallet

Two Fish Halibut Box (31-H)
Two-piece design style tray, 225C top and bottom with sturdy 38# SM1 medium for strength and water resistance.
45 x 15 x 6-1/2
240 per pallet

Common Custom Boxes
We have standard specifications and sized for most commonly used cannery and export boxes, including the following:

  • 24 - Tall canned salmon - all styles
  • 24 - Half canned salmon - all styles
  • 12 - Tall canned salmon - all styles
  • 12 - Half canned salmon - all styles
  • 48 - Half canned salmon - all styles
  • 50 lb. Snaplock bottom salmon export
  • 3 - block master
  • Surimi cases
  • Dungeness whole cooked crab - fresh and frozen
  • 60 lb. & 100 lb. waxed shippers
  • "Costco" style display cases

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